Can you really trust a preschooler? 5 signs your short people are telling you “fibs”.

Now I’m not saying Junior is a liar… but chances are that he or she has been practicing their skills of deception.

1) The timeline is off. Let’s just say I know for a fact that the boy is 4, so when he starts his story about something that happened “when he was 7” I’ve got a pretty good idea that we’re about to hear some fiction.

2) Nonsense! Listen short stuff, “mnskli” is not a real name; not even in 2015 is “mnskli” a name! Nice try. Now tell me how that cup of milk really ended up all over my couch.

3) Get your facts straight. If one child says the dog did it, and the other blames the cat… chances are the short people collaborated on this particular offense and have some sort of blood pact to keep each-other safe from time-out.

4) Inalienable Truths. There are certain truths that are undeniable. Such as: What goes up must come down. If your stomach is “too full up” to finish your dinner, then it is also “too full up” for candy. Dogs do not have thumbs and therefore cannot take selfies with mommy’s phone.

5) Evidence. Whoever has the green marker all over their hands and face is likely the same child that drew the green dragon on the wall. Also, your little sister doesn’t even know how to spell your name, so…

Can you really trust a preschooler? 5 signs your short people are telling you “fibs”.


If you should ever find yourself partially convinced that your child actually might go to sleep (in your bed, their bed, or any bed) if you would just let them watch one little episode of
Diego… Don’t do it. It’s a trick. A dirty, dirty, sleepless, whiny trick.


Custom Birthday Invitation

I just finished this custom first birthday invitation, using the customers own photo (and one of my own for the background). Message me through my etsy shop if you’re interested in a custom invitation (or other item)!

1st-birthday-invite-with-saIt turns out I’ve been very lousy about updating this blog with any of my SarahThings designs, yikes! But that means I have a few goodies I can post over the next few days. Keep a look out!

(And don’t forget to vote for my kid every day through 1/12/2013!)

Custom Birthday Invitation

Help us win!

I entered a Christmas morning picture into a kid of the week contest on and we are now in the running to win $200! Which we could really use (see my last post about needing to make more money this year). If you would like to vote please click here:

You can vote once a day (per computer or phone) through January 12th, 2014. Thank you very much! 🙂 I will let you know if we win, of course!

Help us win!

Hello 2014!

I hope you all got a chance to check out the New Years printable I posted yesterday! If not it’s not too late, you can always fill it out today! 🙂 Everyone in our house filled one out last night (okay, technically I filled them out for everyone as I asked the questions).  Here’s mine:

sarahs-2014-goals-worksheet2013 was a decent year, though a trying year.

Goal #1
Take more pictures! I take a LOT of pictures, but I want to make more of an effort to get out of the house, and out of our yard and explore more of our “backyard” and get lots and lots of pictures of the area! Plus, I would not complain if more people wanted to give me money to take their picture. (see goal #4)

Goal #2
I miss blogging! I miss interacting with my bloggy friends! Sadly part of that problem is that my bloggy friends are no longer blogging. Whuck?! Why is that? I know part of the reason I fell of the bandwagon originally was due to both time and privacy worries. I am working on solutions and compromises that might help with both those issues.

Goal #3
In 2013 I lost almost 40 pounds. YEAH BABY! It was reeeaaally close to 40 pounds, like 39.5! And then Christmas hit and I gave myself permission to do whatever … and I haven’t yet been brave enough to check out the damage but my guess is that my final loss was closer to 35 pounds (hopefully not worse than that!)… I will let you know, eventually. 😉 That’s pretty great still! And I am working my way back to eating healthier again. Though I have had some candy today. Shh! Baby steps. And did I mention that my husband lost approximately EIGHTY pounds this year?! And still going. He has taken up running, and started lifting weights again. So besides his awesome weight loss he is also building muscle.

Goal #4
Financially we need to make some big changes, somehow. I lost my job in 2012 and spent a year looking for jobs. Hundreds of applications, and a handful of interviews later I started babysitting for a family friend. It’s not a bad gig, the little girl is adorable and our kids adore her. Can’t beat the commute! But it’s not a particularly profitable gig either. I need to either add another child to watch this year, or figure something else out. I have high hopes for 2014 in that respect!

Goal #5
My husband gave me this goal. When he suggested it I couldn’t deny that it was a good one for me, so I went ahead and added it. I am going to try to figure out how to become more patient. With him, with the kids, with myself, and with the rest of the world.

A few things I learned about the kids doing this:

  • The boy picked black for his favorite color. The girl picked red. I’m not sure she understands the concept of “favorite” or not, but she picked a color and that’s awesome.
  • The boy’s favorite movie or show is Ariel Mermaid, and it really truly is. He is beyond obsessed with sea animals, and therefore with mermaids. We watch Ariel a couple times a week, and he is currently in his room for “quiet time” (what big kids take instead of naps) singing the part of the movie where Ursula steals Ariels voice. The best way I can describe that with text is: “ah-ah-ah, Ah-Ah-Ah, AH-AH-AH!” The girl picked Caillou.
  • The boy’s favorite food is apparently fruit snacks, while the girl chose ice cream.
  • They both said their favorite outing was the zoo.
  • The boy would like to learn about camping, and he wants to try fishing. So, it sounds like we’ll be camping and fishing this year. That’s a pretty reasonable request from a year. The girl lost interest in the questions before we got to these and said she’d like to go “ABC’s” and wants to learn “ABC, 123”. One of those answers accidentally made sense! (She was impressed that I was writing ABC’s at the time.)

And both kids got some goals for the year:
1) Use the potty
2) Pick up toys
3) Share with friends
4) Be nice to others
and they each have a different last goal.
Boy 5) Start school this year (pre-K)
Girl 5) Big Girl Bed!

Share your answers in the comments! And if you want to be my bloggy friend, be sure to leave your link.

Hello 2014!

New Years Worksheet for kids – free printable!

Happy New Year everyone! I have not been nearly as bloggy as I’d like to be this year. That’s one of my goals for 2014, to step it up! I’m shooting for at least a weekly post. That should be do-able, right?! 🙂 I made this worksheet up for the boy and girl to fill out tonight, and thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy! Click here to open and print.

Besides that we don’t have any real plans for tonight, besides MILKSHAKES! Yeah! We hope your 2013 was fabulous and that your 2014 is even better!

New Years Worksheet for kids – free printable!

Kindle for $9?!

Amazon has a coupon for $60 off a kindle (good through October 31st)… If you get the plain boring basic Kindle with special offers (which means there will be some ads on your kindle, but nothing that interferes with your reading) – you can get a Kindle for $9!! Don’t tell my mom, I just grabbed one that I plan to give to her (after I feel her out and decide she wants it, lol – if she’s not interested I will gladly assume ownership ;)) for Christmas!

 Kindle Special Offer!

Please Note: This is an affiliate link. I get nothing for posting this link - but I might get a few cents if you buy via this link.

Kindle for $9?!

Leap Pad App Center Download Card

Amazon has a good deal on the LeapFrog app center download cards right now ($14.86 for a $20 card), we are getting the boy (and possibly the girl…) leappad(s) this Christmas so I just snatched up two. 🙂
LeapFrog App Center Download Card (works with all LeapPad Tablets, LeapsterGS, Leapster Explorer and LeapReader)

I also grabbed the Dora the explorer game at $13.75 (from $24.99) for the girl (and the boy likes Dora too):
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Dora the Explorer (works with LeapPad & Leapster Explorer)

And the Magic School Bus Oceans game for $15.46 (from $24.99) for the boy (the sea animal obsessed boy):
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: The Magic School Bus Oceans

I’m excited that I checked my wish list today (where I save all my gift ideas for the kids) and noticed the price drops! These are all Prime Eligible, too – so free 2 day shipping! Yay me!

Please note: these are affiliate links.
Please also note: Amazon prices change regularly, and with no notice. I hope you caught this post in time to grab a sweet deal, too!

Leap Pad App Center Download Card