Keeping the Awesomeness Contained

I have two small kids. The boy is 2, and the girl is 8 months. She’s pretty easy to keep contained (for now) but the boy? He’s a climber. And a runner. We have a pretty decent sized back yard but it’s long and narrow, with a creek/stream running across the back end, middle-aged or elderly neighbors on each side, and a fairly busy road out front. I think we need a fence.

We can’t really afford an awesome fence though, so occasionally I search craigslist for anything that might pop up. Right now I am talking back and forth between a seller of chain link fence material and my father (who owns the truck I’d need to borrow to pick up said fence materials, and would also (hopefully) help install it).

If this doesn’t pan out I am totally considering wire garden fence. This. Which may be a little cheesy, but it would keep the child safely contained so that I might, I don’t know, take my eyes off him for three seconds. Possibly even sit down on my butt. Dare I consider paying attention to the girl? And it would be a temporary solution until he’s a few years older and more trustworthy. And hopefully less of a flight risk.

Keeping the Awesomeness Contained

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