Going Up!

I mentioned in an earlier post that we were looking into fencing options. Decisions and purchases have been made! And we have fence posts installed. The last step is attaching the actual fencing to the posts. We did end up going with the cheapest option, the one we are still afraid is a bit cheesy… but it was the best option for our wallet. We bought two rolls of this from Lowes: Wire Garden Fence. And we are fencing in a section that is approximately 30′ x 70′. We are hopeful that it will blend in a bit and not stand out too bad. But in any case it should be finished this week. And just in time! I am going to be home with the kids this summer (most of it at least, depending on how my job search goes) and the boy has reached that age where “outside!!” is the BEST.THING.EVER! – yet he’s not particularly good at “stay here”, “come back”, or “STOP!” yet. And the girl? Is working on her mobility. This child is bound to be crawling any day now, if not straight running. My main reason for wanting a fenced play area is that when they are both mobile I will have to leave one behind to chase the other down if they bolt (and they will). So this is going up right on time! I’ll be sure to come back with a photo once it’s up, and a review when we’ve had a chance to test it out for a while.

Going Up!

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