The Girl Turns One!

Today my baby girl turns one! She just got her third tooth. She loves french fries, bread, and baby yogurt puffs. She likes to push buttons, toys that light up and play music, balls and balloons. Her favorite game is saying Uh oh – then dropping things on the floor. Feet are funny. She likes to be tickled and tummy raspberries. She is part Klingon 1/3 of the time, likes to stick her finger up her nose another 1/3. That leaves 1/3 for “normal”ness. She loves her mommy, daddy, and brother. She can say “oh!”, “Uh oh”, and “dul” – which is pretty close to our dogs name, and she uses it appropriately (when throwing food on the floor for him, of course!) – in addition to mama and dada. She’s the cutest, sweetest, funniest little girl I know. No bias here. 😉




The Girl Turns One!

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