When I Grow Up

I have been trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I have the opportunity now to change paths, or create my own destiny if I choose. I’d love to create a business of my own, but I have no funding and am scared as hell to try and fail. Some things I’d love to do: open a play place (with bouncy houses etc), get a fancy camera and learn it real well – then set up a studio in our house to do portraits (I have the space but it would need renovating), become a muralist, concentrate on my etsy shop and hope it really takes off (graphic design and some paintings)… Other things I think I would enjoy doing if the right position came up: working in a library – particularly arranging activities, actually any position involving extra activities sounds appealing: senior center, kids, craft store?, I’d love an arts/crafts store of my own, and could plan activities there for all age groups.

The small town I live in is a concern with many of these being viable options, would I be able to pay the bills? Will my kids have food on the table?

What would you choose to do with your life if you could start over now? What’s holding you back, or where would you turn for help?

When I Grow Up

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