Easter Eggs

We colored our Easter Eggs today… Did I mention my kids are both under 3? And that I hate eggs? (Exception: I do love eggs if they are baked into cakes.)


Easter Eggs

About The Boy

On April 24th 2010 at 4:13pm I met my little boy for the very first time. He was born by csection and my first memory was hearing him cry and my husband telling me that he had big feet. It’s true, he does have big feet! He comes by that honestly, daddy wears a size 13 and mommy used to be a 10, but is more of a 10.5-11 after two pregnancies (it’s so weird that your feet change).


He came into this world perfectly healthy at 7 lbs, 20.5 inches, with just a touch of jaundice (normal), and a skin tag on his ear – did you know that the kidneys and the ears develop at the same time? They did a kidney ultrasound just to make sure the skin tag on his ear was not an indication of a kidney problem. It’s funny the random things you learn!


Almost three years later he is a little ball of endless energy. He climbs (and jumps off of) everything, he runs, spins and dances, sings, hugs his little sister and tells her random sweet things (like “I love you becca”) one minute, and knocks her down and steals her toy/juice/cookie the next. He likes books, puzzles, and games, loves animals of all kinds (but he seems to have a preference for farm animals, and sea creatures), has mastered his colors, and gets 98% of his letters and numbers right as well. (Every mother thinks her kid is a genius, and I’m no different.)


He eats his veggies (when he eats), asks me to “kiss his hair” at bedtime, and kisses mine in return, he draws me pictures in every color, and tells me he’s busy when it’s time to pick up. He asserts his independence, drives me nuts, makes me laugh, tests my patience, and makes me proud no less than 1,000 times a day.


I think I’ll keep him.

About The Boy