Thanks Y’all!

I am in the middle of planning The Boy’s third birthday party, it’s an “Old McKevin Had A Farm” party. 🙂 A friend of mine is starting a candy buffet catering business so she is setting up a cute farm themed candy buffet for us and I am working on the goodie bags for it… I’m making this a much more difficult task than it needs to be! All I am doing is running some brown paper lunch sacks through the printer. Simple enough but I need to decide on what they’ll say. I want it to be a little bit country and cheesy, but not lame. Here are some options I’ve come up with (they are very similar, that’s how indecisive I’m being), feedback is much appreciated!

1) Thanks Y’all!
2) For your haul, y’all!
3) Aww Shucks, Thanks for comin’!
4) Enjoy the haul, y’all!
5) Aww shucks, thank y’all!
6) other (ex: an animal outline with a three in it, or an animal sound on each bag)

My husband seems to think “aww shucks” is too corny (*giggle*) – what do you think?



OR… I have this crazy-eyed goat picture that I love, so I came up with this:



Thanks Y’all!

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