Super Grover 2.0 – sale!

I accidentally discovered that the flying Super Grover 2.0 toy is on sale for half price at Walmart and of course I need to share that! The boy and I discovered this awesome toy while wandering the Walmart aisles one day, and he really liked it. I’ve had it in the back of my mind as a suggestion if anyone were to ask what he’d like for his birthday – and someone did, but I wanted to double check that it was a reasonable price before suggesting it. What I discovered is it’s on sale for $15 from $29.99! And I then decided to order it for the boy with the gift card he recently got from his Grandpa. 🙂


Edited to add:
Other suggestions for the boy (and possibly other 3 year old boys) include: play-doh kits, puzzles, books, trucks/cars/tractors/airplanes/boats, outdoor toys, balls, all animals and sea creatures, little people little talkers zoo animals (the boy would like a giraffe lol), dinosaurs, artsy craftsy kits for preschoolers (check out Crayola’s Color Wonder line!), Megablok kits (or Lego’s, but we currently have Megabloks and they aren’t compatible), wood train accessories (such as extra tracks, bridges, stations, etc), games! (Candyland, lucky ducks, elefun, memory, chutes and ladders, UNO farm – I think these are all labeled 3+, the boy is not quite ready for all of these but will be before long), music related toys (instruments, radios, microphones, etc), any grown up thing toddler sized – like vacuums, baby doll pack n play (yes, even for a boy!), table and chairs, etc. Clothing is always welcome: 3T (or even 2T) for summer clothes, or 4T for long sleeves, etc.
So basically … 3 year olds like everything.

Super Grover 2.0 – sale!

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