Three Things Thursday

I’m starting something new; Three Things Thursday. Join me in posting your three things every Thursday! Originally I thought of doing Four Things Friday (which explains the starting a day late, oops), but then Th-Th-Th clicked. Leave a link in the comments if you participate and I’ll add you to a fancy new “Three Things Thursday” category in my links list. (This is my first thing.)

I think I have the flu. I’m self diagnosing with the help of Dr. Google, so the fact that I didn’t settle on cancer or rabies probably means I actually DO have the flu. It’s my own fault for not getting my flu shot this year, that won’t happen again!

We prepped a room last week to be painted next week (it just worked out that the days we were able to work on it were two weeks apart). That involved a lot of wallpaper removal, patching three (and a half) holes, and mudding over a lot of imperfections (honestly we should have ripped down the old Sheetrock to insulate and put up new Sheetrock – but that’s not in the budget yet, so we are just doing a little facelift) … Fast forward to today: it is raining heavily and there is suddenly a wet spot on the wall. Guess we will be figuring that out before we start painting. Just one of the joys of buying an old house.

Three Things Thursday is all in fun, and even provides you with a backup plan! If you forget to post your three things on Thursday, just post Four Things on Friday and all is forgiven. 😉 (This is my fourth thing.)

Three Things Thursday

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