Three Things Thursday

It’s Thursday again, already! Time for three more things.

Last week I mentioned we had water coming through a wall. It’s all fixed and was not a big deal! Yay! We had a window replaced in my sons room about a year ago and it is above the spot where we were having the water issues. Turns out my step-father simply forgot to caulk underneath the window. No major damage was done, and it has now been caulked so we should be all set!

Thanks to the water issue being an easy fix we were able to finish up the room we were working on. It’s all painted and looks so much nicer! The imperfections in the old-house-walls are still obvious (some maybe slightly more so) but there are no more holes in the walls, no more peeling wallpaper or half removed wallpaper, and it’s all one solid and pretty color! Since we have a birthday party this weekend I’ll wait and share a picture after that.

… We have a farm birthday party this weekend! Sunday is the big party. Everything is falling into place. I have a few decorating/cleaning up chores to finish, grocery shopping, cooking and baking to do. That’s not too bad really considering all the work we’ve already finished up! I’ll be sure to share pictures after the party. 🙂 I can’t wait for cake. And neither can the boy! Everytime I mention anything about a birthday to him he says “… Cake?!” Soon, buddy!

Three Things Thursday

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