Three Things Thursday

Today was rough. The kids have allergies/a cold of evil proportions this week. I keep waiting for one of them to start getting better, it has to happen soon right? Today the boy woke up at 6. That’s early for us, but we got up at 6. The girl was in my bed with me when I heard him crying, so I transferred her to her crib. It actually worked! For about 20 minutes then I had to go back and get her. Basically the whole day went: was not allowed to put the 1.5 year old child down a.l.l. d.a.y. She literally snoozed draped over my shoulder from the time she got up until about dinner time when she seemed to feel a little better. The boy was exhausted, but didn’t really nap today either. Maybe a quick one and then he started crying, and he kept crying. So much crying! He wanted hugs, but the girl was already clinging to me for dear life. I tried to finagle myself so they could both hug me – without, god forbid, touching each other – but that was next to impossible and the girl kept whacking the boy and saying things like “mine!” Sigh. Thankfully I was wrong about one thing and my husband did NOT have to work a twelve hour shift today, so I got a little back up when I needed it most! I even got a shower.

The boy is officially three! His birthday party was this weekend and he had a blast, he was so excited for “his friends” to come to his party! Sadly his friends are currently people he doesn’t know well, mostly my friends kids that we don’t see often. So I think part of it was excitement to find out he HAD friends! (That’s mostly a joke, it just happened that the kids he plays with usually weren’t able to make it, he actually has a friend or two.)

I am applying for a job (that’s not news, I’ve applied to more than my share of jobs in the last 6 months or so) that asks for letters of recommendation rather than a list of references, and they ask the applicant to submit the letters with their résumé, etc. So I’ve been collecting my letters this week to apply soon and it’s kind of awesome reading how fabulous you are. I will need to save these in a special file just for those “feeling like crap” days! Like today. I highly recommend everyone request their friends, coworkers, former bosses, etc send them a letter of recommendation. Tell them it’s for a job, or a volunteer position, or anything they’d want to help with. Then sit back and feel great about yourself!

Three Things Thursday

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