Three Things Thursday

The boy had his consultation this week and they did recommend having the surgery. Basically they said when his testicle descended the pathway should have closed up with scar tissue, but since fluid seems to come and go (the swelling fluctuates a bit) that indicates that the pathway did not close on its own. This could potentially lead to a hernia or other issues so they are going to go in and close it up with a couple stitches (that will dissolve), and drain the fluid out. The poor kid enjoyed his doctor appointment, he held stick still while he got checked out – all three times! First the students, then a resident, then the attending. He kept asking for “more doctor” (he thinks dr is a game where you listen to his heart, which is kinda true lol), and boy did he get more doctors! The good news is its an outpatient procedure so we will get to come home the same day, bad news is he can’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight. The drinking part is gonna be difficult… He’s a heavy drinker (lol, but for real the kid hits the juice and the milk pretty hard). And he’ll need to be somewhat “quiet” for about two weeks after (no swimming and no bikes).

Working out and dieting is still happening, though my hip hop abs has been put on hold a little bit. Our tv broke! We think its just a fuse and we were going to try to change it ourself, but once we saw the little glass fuse with the tiny fragile looking metal prongs holding it in place we were worried we’d break it trying to remove the fuse. Sooo we are going to take it to a professional. But it doesn’t fit in our trunk, and we have two kids and carseats clogging up the backseat. We’ll get it there. So I have been doing ok diet wise (great today… since we’re out of ice cream!) and I tried out our treadmill for the first time today. That’s kinda boring though, I need the video that holds my attention and keeps me going. I haven’t gained any back at least! But my total loss has not changed more than maybe .2 lbs.

The kids are both at excellent tantruming ages right now so I think my third thing today will be a little breakdown of the many fits I’ve witnessed today, just since 5pm (bedtime is at 9) – there were of course cute sweet moments too, but the tantrums were abundant tonight:

Boy (in car on our way home): Wanna go to grandma’s! Wanna go store! Want TWO grandpa’s! Want ice cream store! No not go home! BUT I WANT TO!

Girl (as I set her down inside the house and head back out to get still screaming boy out of the car): MOMMMYYY!! NOOO! THAT WAY!!!!!!!

Boy (as I bring him inside, in the rain): Want to play at our park! Want to jump in puddles! BUT I WANT TO! Grandma’s! Not inside! NOOO! Want cheese! CHEESE, CHEESE, STICK CHEESE!

Girl (still screaming): mommy! Mommmy! Myyymmmy!

Small break while both kids happily eat stick cheese. Times two, because they begged for more but I’m letting that not count as a fit for some reason. And crackers.

Boy: Want to make a fort! FORRRRT!

We make a fort.

Boy: Need 1 more! (Blanket!) need a flag! Need TWO flags!

Girl (still in a booster seat eating cheese and crackers): CRACKERRRRRS! (She wanted more.)

A bit later, after snacks have long been finished and the fort has been completed satisfactorily, daddy is in the kitchen making us some dinner.

Girl (on her own two feet, pointing to the kitchen, but not moving): THAT WAY! THAT WAAAAY! THAAAATT WAAAAAAYYYY-UHHHH!

Boy: Don’t want dinner! Want milk!

Girl: JUICE!

After dinner daddy offers the kids each half of a brownie grandpa sent home for them.

Boy: Don’t want it! Don’t like it!

(Girl would normally have thrown a competitive fit but she was busy stuffing brownie in her face.)

While playing a combination of trains/hide n seek/tickle with daddy:
Boy: Don’t! MINE!
Girl: Truck!
Daddy: share!
Boy: NOOOO Mine!
Girl: screams

Boy: You NOT tickle girl!
Girl (laying on floor expectantly waiting to be tickled): DADDDYY!

Boy (climbing the curtains behind the couch): Want to look out window! BUT I WANT TO!

Girl (“brushing teeth”, I’m trying to herd her back out of the bathroom): SELF! Brush! Screams bloody murder. SELFFFFFF!!!!

Boy (going potty with daddy’s help, taking FOREVER, daddy finally decides he’s not going to go and is done): Want to go potty! NOO! Waaaahh, BUT I WANT TO! WANT MOMMY CHANGE ME! (Into pajama’s)

Boy (sobbing dramatically): I don’t like my room!
Daddy: yes you do! Look at your awesome alphabet, and all your toys!
Boy: Don’t like it right now! Wanna take it down! (The alphabet on his walls.)
Daddy: No you like your alphabet, mommy painted all those letters just for you!
Boy: Don’t like my room, want downstairs.

Etcetera. I’m sure I forgot a few fits even. It’s a good thing they’re cute.

(Update: I just posted a link to one of these tantrums, click if you dare:

Three Things Thursday

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