Kindle for $9?!

Amazon has a coupon for $60 off a kindle (good through October 31st)… If you get the plain boring basic Kindle with special offers (which means there will be some ads on your kindle, but nothing that interferes with your reading) – you can get a Kindle for $9!! Don’t tell my mom, I just grabbed one that I plan to give to her (after I feel her out and decide she wants it, lol – if she’s not interested I will gladly assume ownership ;)) for Christmas!

 Kindle Special Offer!

Please Note: This is an affiliate link. I get nothing for posting this link - but I might get a few cents if you buy via this link.

Kindle for $9?!

Leap Pad App Center Download Card

Amazon has a good deal on the LeapFrog app center download cards right now ($14.86 for a $20 card), we are getting the boy (and possibly the girl…) leappad(s) this Christmas so I just snatched up two. 🙂
LeapFrog App Center Download Card (works with all LeapPad Tablets, LeapsterGS, Leapster Explorer and LeapReader)

I also grabbed the Dora the explorer game at $13.75 (from $24.99) for the girl (and the boy likes Dora too):
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Dora the Explorer (works with LeapPad & Leapster Explorer)

And the Magic School Bus Oceans game for $15.46 (from $24.99) for the boy (the sea animal obsessed boy):
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: The Magic School Bus Oceans

I’m excited that I checked my wish list today (where I save all my gift ideas for the kids) and noticed the price drops! These are all Prime Eligible, too – so free 2 day shipping! Yay me!

Please note: these are affiliate links.
Please also note: Amazon prices change regularly, and with no notice. I hope you caught this post in time to grab a sweet deal, too!

Leap Pad App Center Download Card

A Belated Birthday Post

My sweet little girl turned two years old last month. We had a super fun rainbow birthday party for her. I did a couple cute things I found on pinterest, but nothing crazy.

We had rainbow cupcakes (white cake with different colors of food coloring layered inside the cupcake – kind of a tie dye effect, this was super time consuming):
The rainbow fruit kabobs were time consuming as well, but a big hit:
I looked around for a rainbow birthday dress and eventually ended up ordering this one from (used! In like new condition – I’ll post more about thredup another day, but joining through my link gets you a $10 credit (and one for me if you place an order)!!):
And here she is the next day trying out one of her birthday presents! It’s safe to say she liked it. Now we need to get her brother one with pedals for his next birthday (he has a balance bike for now though, and he can practice on this one until spring):
It’s hard to believe my little baby is such a big girl now! I go back and forth marveling about how she’s still so little, and already so big! She LOVES babies, I’ve been babysitting a 4 month old for a couple months now and she still has to give her a hug multiple times a day and says “I love you baby”. She tells me she loves me all the time, and that I’m a good boy. 🙂 She is really just the sweetest cuddliest little love bug, with a side of the usual “give me what I want” temper. Here’s to two!

A Belated Birthday Post