Leap Pad App Center Download Card

Amazon has a good deal on the LeapFrog app center download cards right now ($14.86 for a $20 card), we are getting the boy (and possibly the girl…) leappad(s) this Christmas so I just snatched up two. 🙂
LeapFrog App Center Download Card (works with all LeapPad Tablets, LeapsterGS, Leapster Explorer and LeapReader)

I also grabbed the Dora the explorer game at $13.75 (from $24.99) for the girl (and the boy likes Dora too):
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Dora the Explorer (works with LeapPad & Leapster Explorer)

And the Magic School Bus Oceans game for $15.46 (from $24.99) for the boy (the sea animal obsessed boy):
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: The Magic School Bus Oceans

I’m excited that I checked my wish list today (where I save all my gift ideas for the kids) and noticed the price drops! These are all Prime Eligible, too – so free 2 day shipping! Yay me!

Please note: these are affiliate links.
Please also note: Amazon prices change regularly, and with no notice. I hope you caught this post in time to grab a sweet deal, too!

Leap Pad App Center Download Card

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