Four Things Friday

This is what happens when you forget to post on Thursday! 🙂

Sunday is Mother’s Day! I hope you all feel extra loved and appreciated this weekend. I put in a special request for Sunday but I’m not sure yet if it’s definitely happening. I would like to go out to breakfast somewhere and head to the zoo! The *other* zoo in the area than the one we usually go too. It’s smaller and friends have described it as “disappointing” but I’ve never been and want to go! Plus they have a giraffe, which is something our usual zoo does not have. And they have free admission for moms on Mother’s Day.

My original three things post was going to be some gift suggestions for mom’s like me (read: not all moms will agree). So lets get on with that!

Three FREE gifts that mom(s like me) would love this Mother’s Day!
1) Let her sleep in! ACTUALLY sleep in – don’t pile in bed with her and watch tv. Don’t crouch beside her bed and watch her sleep. Don’t ask her twenty-twelve times if she’s done yet. Don’t let the under five crowd cry and throw fits outside her door… keep the noise level to a minimum and wait patiently until she emerges on her own! Also: no middle of the night wake-ups preceding the sleep-in.
2) Make her breakfast! But wait until she gets out of bed on her own time. And ask her what she’d like (or where she wants to go – though… Admittedly that’s not free).
3) Clean up after yourself! You don’t even need to go all out and clean the house (though bonus points if you do!) but make an effort not to leave a trail of dirty clothes, wet towels, crumbs and toys throughout the house. Mom will notice. Mom will love it!

Three things mom(s like me) do NOT want this Mother’s Day.
1) Jewelry. Look, I know this goes against everything the commercials tell you, but look at me. Do I ever wear anything more than my wedding rings? Unless there’s something specific I’ve shown you and said “I really want this exact item” – skip it. Sorry. I still love you.
2) Flowers. Again, I know you’ve heard otherwise. But flowers cost money, and then they die. But before they die they sit on my counter and I have to try to keep them alive and keep the cat and the children from eating and playing with them. I’d rather not. If you’re gonna do flowers get something that can be planted outside. Some tulips or a rosebush perhaps! But plant it for me. And take care of it too. That’ll show me you love me!
3) Another pair of pajama pants. You’re right, I DO love my soft warm and comfy pj pants! But I just got like 4 new pairs for Christmas. I’m good with the pj pants for a bit.

Three AWESOME gifts that mom(s like me) would love for Mother’s Day!
1) A family fun day full of activities SHE would enjoy! As I mentioned I asked for breakfast out, and the zoo! I would absolutely love to work in stopping for an ice cream cone, a nap, and end the day with a movie of my own choosing (even if I’m choosing from our own Disney DVD collection). Talk about an awesome day!
2) A massage! Or manicure/pedicure, whatever pampering she’s into! I personally love foot rubs. I’ve never had a professional massage, so that would be neat! But I would appreciate a good foot rub from my husband just as much.
3) A night off! Arrange for mom to have some time to herself – not necessarily on Mother’s Day but preferably during the week following. Let her know you got a sitter or you’re on kid duty on ___ night and she’s free to make plans with friends, or go shopping, or stay home and watch tv in her pj’s in the dark. Whatever she chooses to do! Heaven!

Four Things Friday