Preface: Math Not Included

My stepfather (otherwise known as “Grandpa”) is planning to build the kids a play set this summer, and soon I think. He was asking me questions about what we want and asking me to look up slides for prices. How exciting! Not surprisingly I have been doing some web searching on the subject and have a few shares for you all. Firstly, a couple quick links to free plans:

  1. 25 Free Backyard Playground Plans for Kids
  2. Free Swingset Plans (includes wood and metal sets) – on this page scroll down and click the “Specs & Downloads” tab to load a list of downloadable PDFs

As far as slide pricing I’m finding they range from about $89 – $399. We will likely be leaning toward the $89 wavy slide (though I originally wanted a non-wavy slide, it just seems like the bumps would slow you down!) – it’s the same wavy green slide you see on most peoples play sets (and that is surely because it is the most reasonably priced). It also comes in yellow, and I think I would lean toward the yellow. I get wanting it to blend in but I don’t mind bright kid colors… I actually like them a lot. And the swings we already have (and will be using) are pretty bright, so we might as well stick with a color scheme!


But the purpose of this whole post is to show you the beautiful drawing I made of what I would like for our play set! Monkey bars! A double-decker fort (using the enclosed bottom level for toy storage)! Climbing wall! Three Swings! Oh my! It is a bit wishful, we may not end up with all the extra items (ultimately this is going to be builder/financier/grandpa’s decision), but I think if we do it right we could probably build the basic frame and add extras (like the monkey bars) later when the kids are bigger. The boy LOVES the monkey bars at the playground, but he’s not actually big enough to do them himself yet anyway.

Here it is in all it’s math-less glory! (Not only is this not to scale, but I also did not have a straight edge handy, and I chose to ignore basic perspective rules (the monkey bars would come straight forward off the fort, not at an angle as shown). Don’t judge.)


Preface: Math Not Included