Custom Birthday Invitation

I just finished this custom first birthday invitation, using the customers own photo (and one of my own for the background). Message me through my etsy shop if you’re interested in a custom invitation (or other item)!

1st-birthday-invite-with-saIt turns out I’ve been very lousy about updating this blog with any of my SarahThings designs, yikes! But that means I have a few goodies I can post over the next few days. Keep a look out!

(And don’t forget to vote for my kid every day through 1/12/2013!)

Custom Birthday Invitation

New Years Worksheet for kids – free printable!

Happy New Year everyone! I have not been nearly as bloggy as I’d like to be this year. That’s one of my goals for 2014, to step it up! I’m shooting for at least a weekly post. That should be do-able, right?! 🙂 I made this worksheet up for the boy and girl to fill out tonight, and thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy! Click here to open and print.

Besides that we don’t have any real plans for tonight, besides MILKSHAKES! Yeah! We hope your 2013 was fabulous and that your 2014 is even better!

New Years Worksheet for kids – free printable!

A Belated Birthday Post

My sweet little girl turned two years old last month. We had a super fun rainbow birthday party for her. I did a couple cute things I found on pinterest, but nothing crazy.

We had rainbow cupcakes (white cake with different colors of food coloring layered inside the cupcake – kind of a tie dye effect, this was super time consuming):
The rainbow fruit kabobs were time consuming as well, but a big hit:
I looked around for a rainbow birthday dress and eventually ended up ordering this one from (used! In like new condition – I’ll post more about thredup another day, but joining through my link gets you a $10 credit (and one for me if you place an order)!!):
And here she is the next day trying out one of her birthday presents! It’s safe to say she liked it. Now we need to get her brother one with pedals for his next birthday (he has a balance bike for now though, and he can practice on this one until spring):
It’s hard to believe my little baby is such a big girl now! I go back and forth marveling about how she’s still so little, and already so big! She LOVES babies, I’ve been babysitting a 4 month old for a couple months now and she still has to give her a hug multiple times a day and says “I love you baby”. She tells me she loves me all the time, and that I’m a good boy. 🙂 She is really just the sweetest cuddliest little love bug, with a side of the usual “give me what I want” temper. Here’s to two!

A Belated Birthday Post

Sesame Street Birthday Banner

Sesame Street Birthday Banner

ss1I created this banner for my sons 2nd birthday and it is now available for instant download on Etsy! It’s very easy to put together, just print it out, cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, and tape the back of the fold together over whatever string you are using! I used red yarn and it worked perfectly. I am thinking of doing a Sesame Street theme again when the girl turns 2 in September, just because I love how this one turned out and I’d love to show it off again.


A Thing I Made: Wedding Song Print

This personalized 10×13 wedding song digital print* was a special request. It features the lyrics from Angela and Tom’s first dance (“When You Say You Love Me” by Josh Groban).
These can be made in any size and color scheme, and can feature your wedding vows, a poem, song lyrics, an excerpt from a favorite book, or any text that has special meaning for you. If you are interested in one of these digital prints for yourself (or as a gift) send me a message through Etsy or Facebook.

*a digital print is a finished high quality pdf or jpeg which can be used to print your own copies. There is no limit to the number of copies you can make! But please do not redistribute or sell.

A Thing I Made: Wedding Song Print